3 Banned Exercises

Walk into your local commercial gym and there are certain exercises that you will just never see. It’s almost as if they have been black banned.. And in some cases they have.

Below are videos of 3 different exercises, that are banned in certain commercial gyms that will remain nameless (one of them has a song by its name sake).

In case while you’re watching you think, “well I could never do anything like that anyway,” rest assured there are easier versions of these movements that can accommodate anybody.


So how do I know the above exercises have been banned in certain gyms? Many years ago (before I left the dark side of the force), I did actually work in a couple of big name gyms. If I mentioned them you would most certainly know them. Also in recent discussions with Personal Trainers at my Underground Training Methods course, I was disappointed but not surprised to learn that things have not changed.

Commercial gyms have only one thing in mind. You guessed it, sucking money out of your bank account. They couldn’t care less if you turned up to train or not. Once you sign on the dotted line they will get their money, even if you only come once a month. In fact, they know you will not come much and rely upon it. If everybody actually showed up regularly, there would not be enough room!

Anyhow I digress. This is the same reason why you are very unlikely to see these, plus a stack of other highly beneficial exercises performed in your local gym. To allow these sorts of unorthodox underground exercises requires too much instruction and supervision (i.e. it will cost them too much). Not to mention, if the management is ignorant of a particular exercise, it must be dangerous and an insurance risk.

What a shame that corporate ignorance and greed is limiting the results of gym members everywhere. It genuinely saddens me.

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Dedicated to your success,

John Wayne Legg

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